Anibal Franco is an award winning tattoo artist from Bogota, Colombia. With a degree in Industrial Design, his passion for craftsmanship and design opened a new window to different outlets of expression, introducing him to what would eventually turn into his biggest passion: the tattoo culture.
“It is when we think we have learned it all, that we fail as artists”.

His understanding of the human anatomy has allowed him to experiment with size, format, and characters. It is this precise versatility that has taken him around the world, working with some of the biggest studios in the industry. Anibal strongly believes in the power of story telling, to which he dedicates a vast portion of his creative process. Each piece portrays the essence of a well constructed dialogue between him and his clients, allowing the process to evolve into a deeper experience. This humane take on his craft continues to persevere as ...

he continues to grow as an artist.